"Blis" Home office desk / MUMA

Domestic par excellence.

This home office desk was born from the need to bring into the domestic environment an object that allows the user to work in the best way, with all the functionalities of the office, but with a friendly, warm, homely language that fully represents the context where it’s going to be placed: Home.
“Blis” allows the user to personalize his workspace through a series of accessories such as the shelf and the board, designed so that the user can give his personal touch, decorating the desk with his favorite objects: from a love letter, a photo of his family, to a beautiful flower.
The desk has several technical characteristics that allow the user to work at home in a more efficient and tidy way: details such as the legs that allow cables to be hidden inside and funneled to the top of the table, give him the possibility of having a cleaner and tidier homework area.
The surface laminates provided by the world leader Wilsonart, guarantee the highest quality and resistance to the furniture, allowing the user to enjoy his desk for many years.

Clients: MUMA / Colombia - Wilsonart / USA
Year: 2021

2022 "Good Design Award" / USA​​​​​​​
2023 "Lapiz de Acero" Design award / Colombia

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