"Delta" / Zientte
Dinning table & Chair

"Delta" is a furniture line with a strong content of collective memory, inspired by the cozy environments from the 50's, but reinterpreted with new shapes, technologies and materials.
In these objects the phrase "God lives in the details" is fully applied, since the “technical language” of an assembly between the leg, the seat and the backrest, became the hallmark of the different components of this family, constituted by chair and extendable table.

Client: Zientte, Colombia
Year: 2017
Awards: Good Design Award 2018 (USA) for Delta Chair
        Good Design Award 2018 (USA) for Delta table

Delta chair
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Delta extendable table and chairs
Delta extendable table
Delta table
Delta extendable table
Delta Chair
Delta Chair
Delta Chair
Delta chair

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