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"Signature" is a new line of home appliances commemorating the 50th anniversary of Challenger.
This collection of products (including refrigerator, oven, stove and extractor hood) represents the
productive identity and excellence of Challenger, all through the fusion of the technologies that have
led this company to become a leader in the industrial landscape of Latin America.
The shape of Signature’s refrigerator, comes from the metaphor of "flipping a page" in Challenger's
history book, as it was conceived to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this prestigious brand.
This gesture / form-factor was applied to the whole collection giving it a strong identity characterized
by its simplicity and timeless elegance.
Another key aspect from the development of “Signature” was the use of wood (cozy and domestic
material par excellence) instead of plastics in many areas of the products, in order to be friendly with
the environment and celebrate its domestic nature.
This fact together with its iconic forms, were intended to bring back the lost domesticity to the home
appliances landscape, characterized for many years by cold materials such as glass and metal.
We are proud to bring to our clients a sleek and innovative range of new products, filled with
emotiveness, sophistication and excellence in design.
Client: Challenger, Colombia
Year: 2016

Awards: Good Design Award 2017 for Signature by Challenger Stove
        Good Design Award 2017 for Signature by Challenger Oven
        Good Design Award 2017 for Signature by Challenger Extractor Hood

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