"Delta" Executive & home office desk / Zientte

Introducing "Delta" executive & home office desk. 
Crafted with sophistication and functionality in mind, this desk seamlessly blends timeless design with modern aesthetics to elevate your workspace.
Adding a touch of luxury, the desk features exquisite details in leather and steel. Fine leather accents adorn the desk's top, creating a harmonious fusion of textures. The steel elements not only contribute to the desk's structural integrity but also introduce a contemporary flair that complements the classic wooden foundation.
Functionality meets aesthetics as the desk incorporates practical cable hiding and storage solutions, allowing you to keep your workspace clean while maintaining a refined appearance.
The seamless integration of wood, leather, and steel in a timeless design intends to elevate your workspace and make a statement with a desk that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Client: Zientte / Colombia
Year: 2021

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