"Sense" / Alessi & Oras
Smart faucets for wash basin and kitchen

"Sense" is a multi-awarded family of "smart faucets" where beauty has a holistic meaning that is present in the way they are built and how they behave.
The goal of these sculptural objects, is to guide the user into virtuous behaviors that are aimed to save water, generating positive rituals that will benefit the environment.
Due to their smart functions that include the automatic stop of the water flow, these faucets allow the user to save lots of water on the daily rituals that involve water consumption. Just think of the water we waste on activities such as washing teeth and hands, or the accidental leaks when our kids forget to close the tap.
In these products form and function are fused in a synergic way, their fluid and essential shapes were thought to achieve beautiful products that were able to contain the highest technology in water saving without sacrificing aesthetics and usability.
These objects were designed to invite the user to interact with them. To achieve this we designed a simple and intuitive interface that merges the gesture of the human touch with the water saving technology. This fact allow us to introduce into our domestic environment a family of products with a high symbolic and functional value.
In times when caring about our most precious natural resource should be our absolute priority, objects like these represent an archetypal evolution where design, technology and ethics are merged into a family of smart and sleek products.

Clients: Alessi - Italy,  Oras - Finland & Hansa - Germany
Year: 2015
Awards: Red Dot Award 2016 
        Lápiz de Acero Award 2016
        Finalista Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño 2016
        Good Design Award 2017


"Sense" WB faucet, multi-awarded "Smart faucet" that helps users to improve their water consumption behaviors, saving lots of water.
"Sense" WB faucet
"Sense" WB faucet
"Sense" WB faucet
"Sense" kitchen faucet
"Sense" kitchen faucet
"Sense" kitchen faucet
"Sense" kitchen faucet
From ideas to reality: the making of "Sense".
Almost every product starts from an idea sketched on a piece of paper, A dream that seemed to be impossible that later on evolves into a beautiful object.
Sometimes, when the product is out in the market, we tend to forget how beautiful the development process is. This video is a nice reminder for me and the whole team at Oras & Alessi that was involved in the development of this great product, without them this wouldn't be possible.
For all of them:
Kiitos! Grazie! Thanks! Gracias!
Interview about my experience designing "Sense", the smart faucets by Alessi & Oras.

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